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Anne Mette Pedersen bringer nytænkning til Scandic hoteller

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Anne Mette Pedersen: Scandic’s Hidden Treasure

Anne Mette Pedersen is the Chief Operating Officer of Scandic Hotels, one of Europe’s leading hotel operators. She joined the company in January 2019, and has since been overseeing the operations of more than 280 hotels across 6 countries. Despite her vital role in the company, Anne Mette has managed to remain relatively unknown to the public eye. Nevertheless, her contributions to Scandic’s growth and success cannot be ignored.

Anne Mette’s impressive career spans more than 30 years in the hospitality industry. Prior to joining Scandic, she served as the Managing Director for Hilton’s operations in the Nordics and Benelux region. She has also held senior leadership roles in several other international hotel chains such as Marriott and Intercontinental Hotels Group. Over the years, Anne Mette has built a reputation as a dynamic leader, strategic thinker, and a champion for diversity and inclusion.

In this article, we will explore Anne Mette Pedersen’s background, her contributions to Scandic’s growth, and her vision for the future of the company.

Background and Early Career

Anne Mette Pedersen was born in Denmark in 1965. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, and from a young age, she was fascinated by the world of business. However, it was not until she started working in the hospitality industry that she discovered her true passion.

Anne Mette’s first job was as a receptionist in a hotel in Copenhagen. She quickly fell in love with the fast-paced, customer-facing environment and the endless opportunities for learning and growth. She decided to pursue a career in hospitality and enrolled in the Hotel and Tourism School in Copenhagen.

After completing her education, Anne Mette landed a job as a sales coordinator for a leading hotel chain in Denmark. She soon discovered that she had a flair for sales and marketing, and was eventually promoted to director of sales for the entire region. This was a pivotal moment in her career, as it allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the business and to build important relationships with customers and partners.

International Career

In 1999, Anne Mette took a leap of faith and moved to London to take on a new role as Director of Sales and Marketing for a luxury hotel in the heart of the city. This was her first experience working abroad, and it proved to be a turning point in her career. She thrived in the cosmopolitan and dynamic environment of London, and was soon offered a position as Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for Marriott International in Europe.

Over the next decade, Anne Mette held several senior leadership roles at Marriott, gradually rising through the ranks to become the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Europe. She was responsible for overseeing a team of more than 300 associates across the region, and was instrumental in driving growth and profitability for the company.

In 2011, Anne Mette was approached by Hilton Worldwide to take on a new challenge as the Vice President of Sales for Europe. She accepted the offer and quickly made her mark on the company. Over the next 5 years, she led the transformation of Hilton’s sales organization in Europe, streamlining processes, developing talent, and driving revenue growth.

In 2016, Anne Mette was promoted to Managing Director for the Nordics and Benelux region, where she oversaw the operations of 33 hotels across 9 countries. This was her first experience in a operational leadership role, and it gave her a new perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the hospitality industry.

Joining Scandic

In 2019, Anne Mette was asked to join Scandic Hotels as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the company’s operations in Scandinavia, Germany, and Poland. She jumped at the opportunity, drawn by Scandic’s reputation as a pioneer in sustainable hospitality and its ambitious growth plans.

Since joining Scandic, Anne Mette has been focused on driving operational excellence across the business. She has introduced new processes and tools to improve efficiency, while also investing in talent development and employee engagement. One of her key priorities has been to strengthen the company’s customer-centric culture, putting the guest experience at the heart of everything Scandic does.

Anne Mette’s impact on Scandic’s operations has been significant. Under her leadership, the company has achieved record-high employee engagement scores, and has been recognized as a Great Place to Work in several countries. In addition, Scandic has continued to deliver strong financial results, with revenue growth of 12% in 2019 and 4% in 2020 despite the challenging market conditions.

Future Vision for Scandic

Looking ahead, Anne Mette is bullish about the future of Scandic, despite the ongoing uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes that the company’s strong brand, diversified portfolio, and commitment to sustainability and innovation will enable it to emerge from the crisis stronger than ever.

One of her key priorities is to continue expanding Scandic’s footprint across Europe. This includes both organic growth through new hotel openings and acquisitions of strategic assets. Anne Mette also plans to invest in technology and innovation to further enhance the guest experience and streamline operations.

Lastly, she is committed to driving Scandic’s sustainability agenda forward. This includes reducing the company’s carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices in the supply chain, and continuing to lead the industry in sustainable hotel design and operations.


Q: What is Anne Mette Pedersen’s current position in Scandic Hotels?

A: Anne Mette Pedersen is the Chief Operating Officer of Scandic Hotels.

Q: Which countries does Scandic Hotels operate in?

A: Scandic Hotels operates in Scandinavia, Germany, and Poland.

Q: What is Anne Mette Pedersen’s background in the hospitality industry?

A: Anne Mette Pedersen has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with previous leadership roles in Marriott, Hilton, and other international hotel chains.

Q: What are Anne Mette Pedersen’s priorities as COO of Scandic Hotels?

A: Anne Mette Pedersen’s priorities include driving operational excellence, strengthening Scandic’s customer-centric culture, expanding the company’s footprint across Europe, investing in technology and innovation, and driving the company’s sustainability agenda forward.

Q: Has Scandic Hotels been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: Yes, like many companies in the hospitality industry, Scandic Hotels has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, under Anne Mette Pedersen’s leadership, the company has continued to deliver strong financial results and maintain high employee engagement scores.

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